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Regardless of your height or weight most everyone will fall somewhere between 19 and 40 Less than 19Underweight 19 to 25 – Normal weight 25 to 30 – Over weight 30 to 35 – Obesity 1 35 to 40 – Obesity 2 More than 40Obesity 3

Why You Should Focus on Your Ideal Body Weight and Not Your Desired Weight

For those who are struggling with weight loss, and are trying to reach the desired body weight, instead of looking at that ideal figure, looking at your ideal weight is something to consider instead. Not only does the ideal weight factor in all variables (from your height, to the bone density and mass, to body composition), but it also makes the right figure more attainable, and is much more healthier on the body.
There are many charts which are out there, telling people what they are “supposed to weigh.” But, these charts do not take any of the important factors in to mind. They simply look at how tall you are, and what weight range you should be in. But, ideally, the weight you should try to be attaining will factor in so many other factors. When considering the ideal weight things like age, gender, and even family history may be considered. Dieters have to keep in mind that no two people are alike. One individual who weighs 160 lbs, can stand next to a person (same height, age, and gender), which weighs 200 lbs, and both can be at the ideal size, based on their body type. The ideal weight will focus on overall health, and your body composition, rather than just focusing on a number, and what you have to weigh. It will consider the BMI, diet, workout regimes, whether you are an athlete or not, and all other important variables which go hand in hand with weight, and a health weight range. So, although there are many body charts telling each individual that is in a certain height range what they should weigh, and what their desired body weight should be, these charts do not factor in the important health ideals which the ideal body weight is going to factor in.

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This BMI body mass calculator is for informational purposes. Weight calculators may not represent your real life weight condition thus you should always consult a professional for detailed advise. Assessing your weight and height, with this calculator does not take into account all of the conditions that may exist. Always Contact a physician for detailed advise if you feel there is a problem.


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